My Lush Must-Haves

Whenever I do a LUSH review video, I ALWAYS want to mention these products because I love them so much! But I can't always keep repeating myself :) Anyway, these are my absolute MUST-HAVE items from LUSH that I cannot live without!

1. Dream Cream

If I could only use one LUSH product and give up all my others (terrifying), it would be this. This body cream makes my skin feel and look amazing. I use it everyday. It's extremely moisturizing, but doesn't feel thick and sticky like some body creams do. It absorbs quickly and when you apply it, it almost melts into your skin and glides right on. You don't have to work to rub it in like with some stuff. It doesn't leave a residue or feel oily, but it gives my skin the healthiest glow. The scent is unique-- Herbal, but with a vanilla sweetness. Best part is that it's so gentle, people with the most sensitive skin (even on babies' skin!).

2. Big Shampoo

A good hair day in a little black pot. Seriously, when I use this stuff, my hair changes. It seems a little strange with the large salt chunks, but the stuff works. I like to use really nourishing things on my hair (it's color treated) so this would not be something I'd be drawn to. I nervously tried a sample of this and have been hooked since. It lathers like crazy. It has seaweed in it (which you can't see at all in the product), so maybe that's what makes it feel so great in my hair. It just feels moisturizing. Yet, when you rinse, your hair is squeaky clean, but doesn't feel stripped. Best part is the amazing results-- mega volume for even the most lifeless hair-- like mine :)

3. Rock Star Soap

My all-time favorite LUSH soap. The smell is hard to describe-- Like sweet candy. The scent really lingers on your skin too.

4. Ocean Salt
One word- amazing. I can use this stuff on my body or my face (yep, face). While you might think the salt sounds a little harsh, it leaves your skin feeling so soft and has really nourishing ingredients. *If you have sensitive or dry skin, I'd avoid using it on the face.

Not many products, I know. But these are truly the ones I cannot live without! While I've been using some of the skin care products on my face recently (and am loving lots of them--reaching "must-have" status quickly...), it's still too soon to add those to this list. However, I promise a full review next month of my LUSH skincare products after I've had some time to get a good feel for them :) Maybe even a must-have skincare post? ;)