Maximum Heat Protectant Spray

Okay, so I know there are tons of ladies out there that just cannot give up their heat tools. Not only do you use heat more than once a week, you turn your products up to the highest possible amount of heat and then proceed to go over each section of your hair over and over. Sound like you? Well, now there's a product to help you reduce heat damage without giving up on your heat tools. Salon Grafix’s 450 Maximum Heat Protect Spray – the FIRST ever 450 degree thermal protection spray in the industry! It’s suitable for all hair types and it’s super easy to use – all you have to do is spray the 450 Maximum Heat Protect Spray evenly throughout your hair and you are free to create all of the styles that you love without the worry. This fabulous new formula is a true necessity when trying to protect your hair from extreme heat. An added plus is the 450 Maximum Heat Protect Spray is also the affordable choice retailing for only $7.49 and is available or purchase at CVS and Rite Aid.