Justin Bieber’s Music Producers Sued Over Song Royalties – Seeking Damages

You know what they say - you’re not successful until somebody tries to sue you. So it goes in the teen heart throb world of Justin Bieber.

The original producers of the 17- year-old's hit single “One Less Lonely Girl” are suing Bieber’s Production company saying they are due royalties from the song, and accuses them of fraud and copyright infringement. Ouch!

Vance Tate and Thomas Oliveria, who represent the songwriting team A-Rex, have filed a lawsuit seeking additional royalty money from the hit single which appeared on Bieber's hit 2008 debut album, “My World”.

In 2008, A-Rex wrote the song, "One Less Lonely Girl," as part of a music project by soul and R&B singer Noel Gourdin. Gourdin’s team passed on the song so A-Rex shopped it around the music biz and it eventually found its way onto Justin Bieber's first album.

The suit alleges that A-Rex are due ten percent of the publishing royalties tied to their share of the song, a dollar amount they say is about $200,000. They are also seeking damages for breach of contract, fraud, conversion and copyright infringement.

Really? Only $200,000? Bieber makes $300,000 per concert and “One Less Lonely Girl” is one of his hit songs on stage.

The suit also names EMI Music Publishing and the L.A. Reid Music Publishing Company.

L.A. Reid, just announced last week that he will be stepping down as Chairman of Island Def Jam Records to become one of the judges on the Fall premier of Simon Cowell's new reality show “X Factor”.

Bieber's management team has not commented on the suit.

My take:

Pay up and move on…..