January Jones @ Unknown Premiere

Over the weekend I visited my local Cinema Suites and reclined in lazy boy recliners, snacked on mozzarella sticks and enjoyed a drink all while watching the movie Unknown, which I thoroughly enjoyed by the way.
At the premiere of Unknown January Jones broke out of her typical 'old hollywood' style and rocked a Alexander McQueen dress with an bold red lip and asymmetrical hairstyle. Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist, created the hairstyle.

“We’ve all seen January Jones look stunning with beautiful retro hair styles so for this event, my vision was to do something as interesting and edgy as her Alexander McQueen dress. To compliment the strong military vibe, I wanted her to have a modern toughness to her hair but still have a sexy edge” says Jenny Cho, Suave Professionals Celebrity Stylist.

1. With a tail comb, section off the top of hair. Using the arch of the eyebrow as a guide, make a “V” shape to the other side for a deep side part. Leave this section for later.

2. Layer Suave Professionals Sleek Anti-Frizz Cream and Volumizing Root Boost Spray on hair for texture and grip. Use a flat brush like the Mason Pearson and blow dry hair, directing it back and down for a chignon. Suave Professionals Dry Shampoo is essential for this particular step!

3. To put hair up in a chignon, make another “V” section in the back center of the head, keeping the sides clipped away. Tease hair in a horizontal section starting from the top of the “V”. Concentrate on the roots and mist Suave Professionals Touchable Finish Lightweight Hold Hairspray to keep teased sections in place. Brush this teased section down and make it flat to the head. Twist section and pin away.

4. Tease the sides, taking vertical sections and following the step above. Gently brush one side to the center back. Twist from the nape and secure with bobby pins linking them upwards together. Do the same on the other side but for this side, use “U” shaped pins for light grip so you don't disturb the shape.

5. Once the chignon is in place, take the top section down and blow dry layering a little more anti-frizz cream and volumizing root boost spray to the direction where you want the hair to stay.

6. Mist hairspray on this section and flat iron. Finish look with dry shampoo for extra texture.