My iPhone...I'm in love. (My favorite apps and accessories!)

About a month ago I decided it was time to make the switch from my trusty Blackberry to a super cool, trendy iPhone. I always kind of disliked them before. My husband has had one for a while, and I've just always been kind of "anti iPhone". I guess because it's just so different from what I was used to (...and deep down I think I secretly knew it might be better.). So I preordered a pretty white new 3GS since they had just come out. From the second I got it, it was so easy to get used to. Something about it was just so "freeing". I know, I know. It sounds corny-- But no joke, I felt like my Blackberry was always holding me captive or something. I feel like the iPhone is just more fun or something. Much more user-friendly. Anyway, I figured I would share with you some of my favorite apps and accessories I've been using over the past month.

First of all....cases. My husband's has been sporting a cracked glass for a while, so I know just how fragile they are. I couldn't imagine seeing my poor iPhone busted! So a case that fits over the phone is really the best way to go. Since I bought the white, I figured it wouldn't make sense at all to just cover it up. So I bought a sleek, completely clear one.

Case-Mate iPhone 3G/3GS Naked Cases (CLEAR)
(black phone shown, mine is white)
The main reason I love this case so much is the way it covers the screen. Lots of iPhone cases are bulky, but this one is completely flat over the screen and protects it with a paper-thin layer of plastic. The screen sensitivity is surprisingly EXACTLY the same with the case as it is without anything, which is another reason I love this case.

I also recently got the CUTEST little pouch made especially for iPhones. Ever since buying my phone, I had searched for the perfect little pouch. I found these online a long time ago when I was looking for a cute case for my blackberry. So when I bought my iPhone, I searched and searched for a cheaper (but equally as cute) case with no luck. But nothing ever compared, so I got the "Happy" iPhone Kangaroo Case by Plia
I LOVE this case. It's so bright and funky... Super easy to find in my purse and really protects the phone nicely. Only drawback (besides being kind of pricey) is that the phone doesn't fit into it if it has the clear case on it. So lately I've ditched the clear case and have just been using this. I'm a little paranoid about my phone being "naked", but I'm more aware of always keeping it in the case, so it works out. But it's so pretty! This design comes in a few other colors/designs, but I love how colorful and fun this one is.

As far as apps go, there are quite a few that I love. Honestly, it gets really addictive getting them and trying out new ones! Here are a few of my favorites:

Twitterfon - Twitter app
Showtimes - Find movie times quickly in theaters around you
SpinArt - Make pretty artwork on your phone...great when you're bored
SmackTalk - Brad and I are OBSESSED with this... CUTEST APP EVER.
Midomi - Recognizes the name and artist of any song. It saves the ones it's found too.
Blowfish - Cute and addictive
Waterslide - Fun and it's free!
PriceIsRight - SO FUN... It's so hilarious because it's exactly like the show
TextTwist - I've been addicted to this game for years! Had a version of it on all my past phones!
Bookworm - ...yeah, I love word games
CookingMama - So cute and fun. Love the version on the Wii. This one is a little different though
20Q - So fun...and kind of scary. It reads your mind
Bloons - So cute...and honestly kind of challenging

Are there any other iPod lovers out there? What are your favorite apps? I'm ADDICTED to apps, so share your suggestions!