August MAC Collections!


August '09
-8/20 - Makeup Art Cosmetics
-8/27 - Jin Soon Choi for MAC Nail Lacquer Collection
-8/27 - Flirt with Fall

August certainly holds some exciting things... I guess the collection I'm most excited about is the nail polish one-- Just because I think it's interesting that MAC is devoting a whole collection just to those, and they look amazing. However, most of you know of my little love/hate relationship with MAC nailpolishes, so I'm sincerely hoping that they have improved the formula for this collection. Of course, the Makeup Art Cosmetics collection looks exciting-- with the pretty colors and of course, the eye shadow quads (I'm a sucker for those). As for Flirt with Fall, I'm not too excited, just because it's false lashes and I don't really buy a lot of those for myself and my kit is pretty stocked with those. But if any interesting ones catch my eye in person, I might cave :)
Here are my little wishlists for the three collections in August:

Makeup Art Cosmetics:
It sounds like there will be some pretty lipcolors, but as always, I need to check those out in person first. The quads sound great--Except for In the Gallery, because it contains Lightfall, which in my opinion is one of MAC's most pointless colors. So even if the other colors in the quad are gorgeous, it will be hard for me to justify that one. I'm pretty much screwed where the individual eye shadows are concerned. Just because I LOVE eye shadows and I own only one of those already. So all the others are automatically on the list--unless they happen to suck in person. The bright colors of the technakohl liners have also seriously caught my eye... Saving begins now!

-QUAD: Photo Realism
-QUAD: Notoriety
-The Perfect Cheek blush
-Notable blush
-eye shadows: Crest the Wave, Off the Page, Haunting, Violet Trance, Maira's Magic
-Push the Edge pigment
-Technakohl liners: ALL of them, except for Graphblack

Jin Soon Choi for MAC Nail Lacquer Collection
-Dirty Martini
-For Fun
-Rich, Dark, Delicious
-Beyond Jealous
-Cool Reserve

(as of now, I'll probably skip the lash collection)

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