Bobbi Brown BRIGHTS Eye Shadow Palette REVIEW

Do you remember Hansel's "makeup kit" in Zoolander?? You know, the one he carried in his back pocket for "touch ups"?? I think it was larger than

Honestly, I knew nothing about this palette until I saw it in my February issue of Allure. I was SALIVATING at all the bright colors. This limited edition 35-color palette retails for $70. This is what Allure had to say:

"Bobbi Brown's new Brights Palette reminds us of a sheet of candy buttons, but the 35 dots of eye shadow were inspired by something sour: what Brown calls her "ugly kit." By this, she means colors that work well on photo shoots--but not always so much in everyday life. She recommends wearing the vibrant, highly pigmented shades sparingly, with neutral colors on the lips and cheeks. "If you go through this palette quickly," Brown adds, "you're wearing it wrong." -Kayleigh Donahue

Interesting...considering the eye shadows are literally each the size of a pea. I was SHOCKED at how small this palette is. The palette itself is the size of a Blackberry Curve (lol, that's all I can compare it to!). The picture inside Allure is, no joke, actual size. I was expecting something much larger. Especially at a steep price tag of $70. I was expecting the shadows to be at least the size of a dime - similar to that of the Coastal Scents 88 palettes. I would make SUCH a mess with this palette because not many eye shadow brushes would fit over the colors without dragging into the others...unless you were super careful.

So I tested this palette (*cough* bought it and returned it) and as you can probably already tell from my description, I was disappointed. Bottom line, the colors have exceptional pigmentation, but that's about the only good thing. $70 for 35 pea sized colors?? My momma taught me Even if they are highly pigmented, that's just too steep for me. You'll be much better off paying around $20 or so for a Coastal Scents 88 palette and you get 88 colors...that are much larger.

I was hoping for so much more :(