The ABC Wall Craze

I know I know, I need to post something else other than other people's stuff... but here's the thing, there are more creative minds out there than my own. I have found that I can copy anything. So, that's what I do. I copy. I'm a copier. And here is a really awesome wall that one day, I will copy!

Found at A Time For Everything. Isn't it purty? Ah, in love. She's even got a tutorial!

This next beauty, one of my most favorites, was found at OhDeeDoh. Is not the O and the Z just precious? I love that with these walls, pretty much anything goes. You have tiny letters to large letters, and in the end, it just pulls together so nicely.

And then there is this one, ah! Look at the globe and the life preserver!! Hobby Lobby is actually selling the life preservers right now, and last week at least, they were fifty percent off!

Now aren't those just inspiring? I am starting to collect. And by the time I get all the letters and have a house with a wall big enough to put them up, it will be out of style. But I don't even care! THEY WILL GO UP! :-) You can find more ideas from Be Different, Act Normal.