spoiler, sport, boring, study, crocs...

Sory for the lack of post lately but I have such a boring life these days. It's all about studying, fitness, sleeping, eating,... :S
That's why I locked my other blogs.. I just haven't found time for sewing,..

I went out this Saturday and had a huge hangover whole sunday. And now I have to study even more because I'm running out of time.. grr :S
My phone broke so I haven't done any new pictures of my outfit..

Just between U and me.. I think I lost my mind because I bought crocs... :S I know that there is no excuse for such thing but It was so exciting on ebay that I just click "bid now" and now I have to pay for them.. :O
At least they are Prima Version.. :D
At least Ugly Betty will be lucky next week because her braces are coming off.. :)