My Favorite Products to Remove Makeup

Removing makeup is a very important (often skipped my many) step in the whole skincare process. When you find products that work for your skin and your lifestyle, your skin will definitely thank you for taking this extra step! :)
Here are some of my favorite products for makeup removal

Makeup wipes: INVENTED BY GOD. Quick. Simple. Effective. Best part is that you don't have to rinse anything off. If you're tired at night or in a hurry, you can skip cleansing all together as well! Just be sure to store them upside down so the one you grab will always be the most moist!

MAC Wipes:
In my opinion, a little more moist and abrasive than typical makeup wipes. Be careful with these if you have sensitive skin and be gentle with them around the eye area. I especially love that they come in a bulk size so you have to repurchase less often.

Neutrogena Makeup Remover Cleansing Towelettes "Night Calming" formula:
These are great-- They smell amazing, leave minimal residue behind, and will take off everything. The cloths are very soft and smooth and the formula is very non-irritating.

: Quite scary to those of us who are prone to breaking out when we use products that contain oils. But they can be very effective. Just stay away from those that contain mineral oil.

MAC Cleanse-Off Oil:
This stuff is amazing. It really is effective in removing everything, however, it takes a bit of time to use.
Use it on dry skin with dry hands and massage it all over your face and eyes. Then, add some water to your hands and mix that with the product. This will help it break down the makeup even better and rinse off clean. You can even add a little more to wet hands and the product will become very thin and turn milky white. You can use it this way as well to get an even cleaner feel. There's no need to use a washcloth to rinse. I've experienced zero breakouts during the 3 weeks of using this stuff. I'm hooked.

Gel/Cream Removers:

I haven't tried many actual cream products, other than traditional cold cream which makes me break out a little, but I have found one awesome gel-cream formula that I LOVE.

Estee Lauder Take it Away Gel/Cream makeup remover
During college, there was a time where I used this for about three years consistently. It's a very clean feeling and fresh-smelling gel/cream that you massage all over your skin. It's safe for use around your eyes too. It's a little hard to rinse off with water alone, so a warm washcloth is the way to go. If used every night, one bottle will last you about 2 months.

Check out my video on this topic: