My Must-have Products for Flawless Skin (Foundation Routine)

These are just the products that I like that I really think gives the most natural effect, but still gives me good coverage.
Check out the video below to see these products in action :)

I have been using these products pretty much daily for the past 3 months or so. I definitely would not wear liquid foundation daily (because I HATE IT) but for some reason, this particular formula I've found wears really nicely and doesn't feel heavy. It gives such amazing results that I don't mind wearing it! As for primer, you may notice I don't mention one...I also TOTALLY forgot to mention this in the videooo (oops). Anyway, I used to swear by makeup primers before foundation and couldn't imagine NOT using one, but after I experienced some pretty heavy breakouts that were very out of the ordinary, I was very careful with what I put on my skin while it was healing. Primer was just an extra step that I cut out totally. Honestly, I haven't worn the stuff in almost 4 months and I swear, I think my makeup looks better without it. My skin is almost perfect again too, so I'm not messing with that! I think that for me, it's just unnecessary. However, when I do makeup on others, it's a step I rarely skip! Weird huh?? Anyway, here are my MUST-HAVE products for flawless, amazingly natural looking skin everyday.

*For any of you with questions about my skin care, that is a WHOLE other video and it's coming up soon ;)

- Make Up Forever Mat Velvet+ liquid foundation
I wear shade #40. Might seem a little dark, but I usually use a slightly darker, more yellow-toned foundation so that my face matches my body perfectly. Otherwise, my face is pale and pink and it totally doesn't match my body and neck which is more tan and slightly olive toned. ...You probably noticed that in the video!
Anyway, this stuff is AMAZING. The words "Mat Velvet+" are a little scary, yes, especially if you are after a more natural look and are scared of some of these thicker foundations that promise a matte finish and great coverage....I am! But this stuff, while it takes a VERY small amount to provide great coverage, is surprisingly very natural. Even in the Georgia humidity and sweltering summers, this stuff requires little to no touch ups all day (even with my oily skin). I've yet to find anything that compares. It's the best foundation I've ever used by a mile. My skin has also greatly improved since wearing it. Not that this stuff is what made it better, but it definitely did not interfere or cause any more breakouts while my skin healed. It's amazing. I like to apply it either with a damp BeautyBlender sponge, or any type of foundation brush. I find that with this formula, a more dense foundation brush that really buffs the product in makes for a more natural, blended finish.

-MAC Studio Finish Concealer
I wear shade NC20 which is more yellow based (as the NC MAC shades are). This is because I use this concealer on my face to cover redness and any reddish, darker spots left behind from old breakouts. This stuff is amazing. It holds up better than most concealers do on oily skin. I like to apply with either fingertips or any type of concealer brush.

-MAC Select Moisturecover Concealer
I wear shade NW20 which is more pink based. Since my undereye area is more shadowy and blue-ish, the more pink toned concealer neutralizes it better. I love this formula for my undereye area because it is very moisturizing and liquidy, so I don't have to tug on my undereye area or rub a lot to blend it in. I like to pat it on with my fingertips.

-Benefit Powderflage
This is an amazing product. I don't like to set undereye concealer with a typical powder because it can make for a cakey effect, but this stuff is designed to be used there and is very finely milled. I feel that because the undereye concealer I use is so moisturizing, it can leave behind a bit of a sticky finish which is a fallout magnet. It's a light pink powder that has a brightening effect and can be used on any skin tone. I like to apply it with a fluffy blending type brush. The Studio Gear #34 is my favorite because it's so soft for that area. It looks exactly like a MAC #224, but is of much softer fibers. I also like the MAC #225 for this (the brush used in the video, I believe it's discontinued)

-MAC Mineralized Skinfinish Natural
I use this as my finishing powder. Since it does deposit some color, I make sure to dust it on VERY lightly. However, it does leave a very natural finish. I use it with my #134 MAC brush, or just any type of fluffy brush.

Hope this was helpful for you guys!