MAC Hello Kitty Review and Swatches!

Alright guys, here are all my lovely Hello Kitty goods! I was super excited about this collection for a long time because I've always loved Hello Kitty, but when I actually saw the collection and got to test the colors, I really cut down my list. Most of these items were part of my anniversary gift from my husband. The man knows what I like.
Overall, this collection has some great colors, a few stand-out items and the packaging is super cute (but the glitter chunks are kind of annoying).
Read on to see my haul, swatches, and reviews of the products!

Eye Shadow Palettes: ($38.00)
Both of these palettes caught my eye because I love the color groupings for each. However, they both can be VERY easily duplicated by colors in the permanent line. See for yourself...

Too Dolly Palette
Yogurt(matte), Romping(frost), Too Dolly(frost), Stately Black(lustre)
Overall, the payoff of all these colors are pretty decent. With the exception of Stately Black. If you want it to appear dark, you have to work with it a bit and apply a lot.

...and the dupes...
(Yogurt is in the permanent line), Post Haste, Aquadisiac, Black Tied

I COULD NOT believe how easily duped this palette was. While Post Haste is a matte, I actually think it would look better with these colors than Romping, just because the color payoff is so great. The most surprising was the dupe for Too Dolly...Aquadisiac. These colors are almost identical. Also, if you have the Heatherette palette with Mood Ring, that would work awesome as well. It's also VERY close. Aquadisiac is almost prettier! As far as Stately Black, Black Tied was almost identical. So if you can't get your hands on this one, those are colors that would replicate looks you could create with this palette almost exactly...if not better!

Lucky Tom Palette
Creme Royal(veluxe pearl), Paradisco(frost), Stylin'(velvet), Lucky Tom(lustre)

This palette is probably my favorite. However, a few of the colors are a little difficult. Paradisco is a gorgeous color, but it has horrible payoff. To get it to show up, you'll need a good base and a heavy hand. Also, Stylin' is a little on the chalky side (as some velvet colors are) and you'll also need a good base and a heavy hand to get it to show up bright. It's also nice worn more sheer as well though.

...and the dupes...
(ok, with this one I got a little excited)
(Paradisco is in the permanent line)
top row: Nylon, Climate Blue(limited edition), Carbon
middle row: Ricepaper, Parfait Amour, Mont Black (limited edition)
(bottom row is Lucky Tom palette)

Surprisingly, Parfait Amour actually looks closer to Stylin' than Climate Blue does in person. However, because of the frost, it didn't really photograph similar at all in my opinion. Again, while the color grouping is nice in the palette, you can easily create a similar look with these duplicate colors.

Beauty Powder ($22.00)
Tahitian Sand
(warm, pale peach with a light sheen)
Beauty Powders have never been my favorite. They don't really deposit a lot of color, and they're really not supposed to. I use this one as a setting powder with a big fluffy brush to add a bit of brightness to my face since it's similar to my skin tone. I also use it on my cheeks, forehead and chin to add a bit of brightness. I didn't get the pink one because I have a similar pink Beauty Powder and I really don't use these that often. Honestly, the only reason I got this is because I couldn't resist the cute embossed design in the powder itself.
(The swatch isn't worth doesn't show up on my hand) :)

Beauty Powder Blush ($18.00)
I LOVE Beauty Powder Blushes. They have the smoothest formula with soft pearl particles. None have ever disappointed me. This one is no exception. It's a very nice bright pink that would work on so many different skin tones. It can be applied sheer for lighter skin tones, however, is pigmented enough to be easily applied to darker skin as well and look great. I skipped Fun & Games which is a peachy shade, but since I love BPB's so much, I have a feeling I might pick it up soon before it sells out!

Lipstick ($14.00)
Cute-Ster (lustre)

This is really the only color that caught my eye. It's a very wearable peachy pink. It's extremely sheer and doesn't deposit much actual color, but it leaves a really nice shine and sparkle to the lips. Again, the embossed design on the actual product sucked me in! I probably would have skipped the lipsticks all together if they didn't have that little added touch.

Lipglass ($14.00)
She Loves Candy
The lipglass colors in this collection were gorgeous in the containers, but overall, I found them to be disappointing. They were really sheer, which I usually like, but they were too much like other colors I already have or I didn't care for the color. So I decided to get this one because it was pretty and pink and I really wanted at least one!

She Loves Candy(top), Cute-Ster(bottom)

Tinted Lip Conditioner ($14.50)
Pink Fish, Popster

These were, in my opinion, the best products in the collection. Super pigmented, very moisturizing, beautiful colors. Perfect. Pink Fish is my favorite. I went back to purchase a back-up of Pink Fish, only to realize I was given Popster by mistake. But it worked out for the best because I LOVE Popster too!

Pink Fish(top), Popster(bottom)

Nail Polish ($11.00)
On the Prowl (cream)

This is a really light gray. Nothing fancy. It's a cream formula, which means there's no shimmer or frost to it. I thought it was the most unique out of the three shades. The pink was too much like several other pinks I own and the white was just, well, white.

Makeup Bag and Petite Makeup Bag
($35.00 & $22.00)

I really wanted one of these bags so bad but never got one. When we returned from vacation, my mom surprised me and had picked them up for me! Gotta love mom's and V-day surprises. thanks mom<3

check out the cute pink satin lining...

Hello Kitty Lash ($12.00)
I love these lashes. Mostly because they are more of a half-lash style.
(Just for comparison, you can see the true size of the small makeup bag because the lashes are sitting on top of it. It's very small!)

Expect a tutorial (or 2) featuring some of these products soon!