12 Man Fashion Designers in NY

This is the link to the famous man fashion designers page, some of them are nothing new to you, and some of them are newbie in the fashion, ie. in last 3 years, these group of fashion designers are more focus on American's fashion trends.

1. Adam Kimmel - Style with masculine, simple, luxurious and elegant
2. Duckie Brown - Design philosophy that 'menswear can be exciting, colorful and handsome
John Varvatos - Style with comfortable, casual, modern and elegant with modern ease balancing cut
4. Michael Bastian - Style with
classic American design
5. Obedient Sons - Made popular with the style of slim silver of manhood
6. Patrik Ervell - Style in a sense of the future with classicism in mind
7. Ralph Lauren - The name speak for itself.
8. Tim Hamilton - Style with
sensible, very American line combined with his theme colors and fabrics
9. Trovata - Style in finer fabrics, redefining the silhouette.
10. Tom Ford - The man brought a hard-edged style synonymous with 21st-century glamor to his clothes, and Hollywood sat up and took note.
11. Anna Sui - Her devotion to rock and roll makes her clothes perfect for a rock and roll superstar, and her runway soundtrack is one of the most anticipated each season.
12. Giorgio Armani - collection all about bringing out one's personal style; a vision of a modern cosmopolitan fashion lifestyle