The new look- for now!

A few days ago I happened upon something.  Something I can't decide if I'm happy about or not!

I'm talking about the world of digital scrap-booking.  

I'm unhappy about this find for one reason.  I don't have the time to pick up a new hobby!  Because seriously people, I spent hours downloading free scrapbook paper and embellishments and I was freaking out at it's awesome-ness!  I knew this world existed, I mean, I have a Smilebox account.  I am really talented at pulling my pictures into an already made scrapbook.  Ha!  I guess I just thought it was something that would be too crazy and hard to figure out.

This brings me to my blogs new look.  I loved my last look, really, I did.  It was a template from Lee Lou Blogs though, and I didn't have the freedom to do ANYTHING with it!  It was so scrunched and the font drove me nuts.  So while playing around with my new favorite thing, I made a super simple header and all the red sidebar titles.  You like?  It's just for now because the wonderful Lee Lou Blogs will be designing a completely NEW look just for me!  Yeah, not free.  That'd be awesome!  She's been on maternity leave though, and it's taking FOREVER!  So, I changed it.  Because I could.  Because I'm a digital scrapbooker now.  Ha ha ha!

TRICKED YOU!  Well, I am a digital scrapbooker now ha ha, but you totally thought I made these huh?!  THAT would be awesome!  No, these I found from Smilebox.  Because here's the thing, while I am excited about this new hobby I don't have time for, I still won't be making my own layouts.  That would take forever.  And I don't have the patience!  So I use Smilebox.  They have thousands of layouts and designs organized by category and it's AWESOME.  You can change how many pictures you want on a page, how many embellishments you want and yadda yadda.  Really, it's great!  You should go check out their site if you're not already familiar with them!!

And then just an FYI, I load these bad boys into a blurb book.  I print a book a year and it's awesome.  I made a post about it forever ago.  It's here if you're interested.

A few of my very most favorite BLOG DESIGNERS are:
 (because blog design and digital scrapbooking go hand in hand)

Leelou Blogs

Leelou Blogs

and The Fairy Blogmother

The Fairy Blog Mother has a package for $25.00 that I almost purchased.  You'll see why I didn't when I finally get my makeover!  But she's amazing.  If you're looking for a great deal to spruce up your blog check her out!

If any of you are interested in a tutorial for how I made my sidebar titles, shoot me a comment.  If there is enough interest I'll get a tutorial together for ya!  It's really easy!

And don't worry.  Those category buttons will be coming back.  I just haven't had the time yet to re-make them!