Strengthening Your Hair

Fall is just about here and while we will all miss the summer, I won't miss the toll it takes on my hair.  Between swimming, the beach, the sun, and all the manipulation I'm sure my hair looks forward to a break in the fall.  To start off the season right I always go ahead and get my ends clipped, because there is no sense in hanging onto split ends.  Sure, the products that 'mend' them are great when you're in a pinch and need to look pulled together but by no means are they are substitute for the real thing.  Then once my ends are clipped, I focus on rejuvenating my hair and that means I try to strengthening products and treatments.  

Keep Reading for some of my favorites!  

Henna Treatments - Over the summer I skipped using Henna all together, just because my hair didn't feel like it needed the extra strengthening and because I felt like I did not want to change up the color of my hair.  But once fall really hits I will be starting to use the henna treatments again.  

Redken Extreme Collection - I save the Redken Extreme Collection for when my hair needs a serious boost in protein.  That is usually right before a relaxer and right after. Through the exclusive Interlock Protein Network—a revolutionary new delivery system that brings protein to the core of the hair fiber—and powerful Fortifying Complex, Extreme restores internal strength, rebuilds surface protection and helps prevent breakage.  What I like about these products is even though it has protein it never makes my hair feel hard, it's always soft.  

Aphogee Shampoo and Conditioner - My favorite Aphogee product is the shampoo for damaged hair.  It gently cleansers, yet provides extra protein for my hair.  Obviously, this is not a shampoo I use all the time, instead I use it when I need an extra protein boost.   When I use this shampoo I always follow up with the Keratin 2 Minute Reconstructor.  Together these products provide all the protein my hair needs.