Lush Goodies and Reviews

After a long strike, I was accidentally sucked in to Lush again. Long story short, I had a bad experience at a Lush store about a year ago and really just haven't been "wowed" by any other visits since. So on a recent trip to Macy's (driven by an unused gift card) I was sucked into the little new Lush section. I had a great experience. I found so many good things...and some great deals!

...and of course, the goods:

Yummy Yummy Yummy Shower cream Wash (8.4oz) $14.95 ...also comes in a smaller and larger size

This is the main product that drove my little Lush shopping spree. I had previously tried the Rockstar soap and loved the scent so much. Well this smells very similar to that. Passing by Lush, this little pink bottle caught my eye and I smelled it. SO glad I did. So, I decided to pick it up and I found so many other great things too! This is my favorite scent ever. The scent is hard to describe...maybe like a vanilla, honey, super sugary, strawberry...but fresh?? The product can settle, so it's a good idea to shake it gently every few times you use it. It's a little on the thin side, but leaves my skin baby soft and smelling so good.

Love Lettuce Mask (2.6oz) $7.95

I had used a sample of this mask a few months back and loved it, but never got around to purchasing some. Since buying this one, I've used it once with great results. Since it contains no preservatives, it must be refrigerated and has the shelf life of about a month. That's why the small container is so nice. It smells a little "vegetable-y", but fresh. It's very exfoliating. When using it, I apply a generous layer to my whole face, avoiding my eye area. After 10 minutes, I rinse with warm water with my hands and lightly work the mask into my skin in circular motions to allow the almond shell bits to exfoliate my skin. However, it's not scratchy. When rinsed off, my skin feels moisturized, smooth, and so soft.

Best Wishes Set: $4.99 (Originally $19.95)

If you plan on visiting Lush soon, definitely ask them if they still have any discounted holiday sets! At 75% off, this is a great find. In the set:
Christmas Kisses Bubble Bar (Full Sized!): It smells so spicy, sweet cinnamon. It's actually supposed to create a warming sensation. Instead of using it all at once, I like to break these into pieces and drop them into the bath under runng water.
Marzibain Bubble Bar (Full Sized!): mmmmm...sweet almond frosting. This smells so good, I want to eat it! Again, break it into smaller pieces to make these last longer and drop into running bath water.
Mr. Butterball Bath Bomb (Full Sized!): This bath bomb is supposed to create a creamy, vanilla scented bath that softens skin. It smells so sweet, musky vanilla.

Soft Coeur Massage Bar: $8.20

Vanilla. Honey. Chocolate chunks. What more can I say? This thing smells delicious. It's exactly what it says. When rubbed on warm skin, it melts on contact (but not in your hand). Super moisturizing. Love it.

Sex in the Shower -Shower bomb (and full-sized "sample" of Double Fast Luck -Shower bomb) $3.95

LOVE THESE. Like a bath bomb for your shower. I've only used the Sex in the Shower one and it smells sweet vanilla and jasmine. To make one bomb last for several showers, break it up in the bag. Just bang it a few times on the bathroom counter or tile and only use a chunk or two.

(with soaps, prices vary based on amount)
A Ring of Roses- Butter Cream, Rock Star Soap, Sultana Soap

A Ring of Roses Butter Cream - a fresh, rosey smelling soap. Butter creams are like super moisturizing, creamy soaps. DON'T LEAVE THEM IN THE SHOWER!! Break or cut off the amount you need and keep it stored in the container.

With soaps, cut off a slice large enough for a few showers or baths and store the rest.
Rock Star Soap - Smells similar to the Yummy Yummy Yummy body wash. My favorite smelling soap by Lush. Makes a super thick lather. Enough lather to even use with a loofah.

Sultana Soap - Sweet smelling also, but a little more like almonds...haha, it's so hard to describe these scents! Lathers really well also.

I also got a generous sample of the Vanishing Cream for the face, however, I haven't used it yet.

Overall, I'm super happy with what I purchased. I can safely say that the strike is officially over.