Man Fashion: Skirt for Men

A kilt is a traditional garment of modern Scottish and Celtic culture typically worn by men. Kilts exist in various modern forms, and in forms inspired by the historical garment, including:
  1. The modern form of the traditional Scottish garment;
  2. The historical form of this same Scottish garment (cf. History of the kilt);
  3. Various other national forms of the kilt, such as the Northumbrian kilt, Irish kilt, Welsh kilt, Cornish kilt, and the Contemporary kilt;
  4. Certain types of school uniform skirts for girls
At modern-day Highland games gatherings in Scotland and elsewhere, the modern version of the traditional Scottish kilt is much in evidence. Historical forms of the Scottish kilt have differed in several particulars (some quite substantial) from the modern-day version. With reference to the Scottish kilt, the organizations that sanction and grade the competitions in Highland dancing and bagpiping all have rules governing acceptable attire for the competitors. These rules specify that kilts are to be worn (except that in the national dances, the female competitors will be wearing the Aboyne dress).
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